Here Comes A Thought

Hosted ByKat LaForgia, Gian Ramos, & Marc Cuiriz

Here Comes A Thought is your one-stop shop for all the psychological themes in the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe!

The Running Horror Boys

Amethyst feels as if she doesn’t belong, Steven and her go on a quest just like the “No Home Boys.” Hay is not comfortable. Steven learns about the Kindergarten. Pearl finally tells Amethyst she belongs, in a sort of backhanded way.

Lars is jealous of Sadie having any friends other than him and when he hears that Sadie is going to a party with Steven and Reynoldo he has to go to, just because Sadie can’t have other friends. We get to see the beginning of Lars low self-esteem and get to discuss how trauma can leave a scar.

Special Thanks to Joe Jeremiah for letting us use his version of “Here Comes a Thought”

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