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Deep Impact

Hosted ByLink Keller & Nate Morotti

The Codex

Hosted ByMarc Cuiriz & Josué Cardona

A deep-dive into the Assassin's Creed franchise.

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Geek Therapy Gaming

Home to of all of Geek Therapy's gaming content!

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Conspiracy of Light

Hosted ByWoody Harris & Josué Cardona

Exploring the meaning behind every episode of Babylon 5.

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The Happiest Pod on Earth

Hosted ByLara Taylor & Josué Cardona

Queer Comics Podcast

Hosted ByNina Taylor Kester & Jessica Vazquez

QCP is a celebration of Queer representation in comics.

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Heroes ACE

Hosted ByJosh Lockhart

What if __________ had a good counsellor?

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Video Games Saved My Life

Hosted ByJonathan Goodman

Testimonials from gamers who have utilized video games in powerful, positive ways.

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The Synapse

Hosted ByJosué Cardona

A Podcast About Thought-Provoking Science Fiction.

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The Rickistential Podcast

Hosted ByKatie Gordon & Brandon Saxton

Using our backgrounds in clinical psychology, we conduct an episode-by-episode analysis of this unique show!

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Geek Family Therapy

Popular culture and its impact on families, as well as how media, pop culture, and geek culture can be utilized in psychology.

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Jedi Counsel

Hosted ByKatie Gordon & Brandon Saxton

We discuss the science of psychology and mental health through fictional characters and current events.

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GT Roundtable

Hosted ByJosué Cardona

Creators from across the Geek Therapy Network (and Community) come together to discuss what they're working on.

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Rolling for Change

Hosted ByWoody Harris, Brian Peace, & Josué Cardona

Exploring the transformative power of games.

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Geek Therapy on Twitch

Hosted ByGT Stream Team

Here Comes A Thought

Hosted ByKat LaForgia, Gian Ramos, & Marc Cuiriz

Here Comes A Thought is your one-stop shop for all the psychological themes in the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe!

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Hero Nation

Hosted BySophia Ansari & Breck Warren

We are a podcast celebrating diversity in media!

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Hosted ByJosué Cardona & Kelli Dunlap

The Psychology and Technology Podcast

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Ocu-Pasión Friki

Hosted ByDiana L. Sepúlveda

Where Occupational Therapy meets Geek Therapy! (In Spanish.)

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Headshots: Psychology + Gaming

Hosted ByJosué Cardona & Lauren Keller

Geek Therapy's psychology and gaming podcast.

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GT Radio

Hosted ByJosué Cardona, Lara Taylor, Lauren Keller, and Brandon Saxton

GT Radio is the official Geek Therapy Community Podcast. Every week we celebrate how to geek out and do good.

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