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Hosted ByKat LaForgia, Gian Ramos, & Marc Cuiriz

Here Comes A Thought is your one-stop shop for all the psychological themes in the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe!

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JailBreak Returns

SEASON 1 FINALE!!!!!!! The Crystal Gems are again treating Steven like a child, and even Pearl has gotten Greg involved; attempting to get Greg to take Steven out of Beach City to safety. When Pearl and Greg are unable to talk to Steve and tell them wh…

Political Message

Greg and Steven start creating music about Lapis Lazuli when the wailing stone starts WAILING, which freaks everyone out. At first, Greg feels he shouldn’t get involved but Steven believes this is a problem he can solve.

Story for Uncle

Marc is out this week, and Gian and Kat take the wheel. In a non-Canon episode…Steven learns how to use his powers and where he gets his powers from. Gian and Kat debate the feminist definition of Steven’s maternal instincts. Also,

The Open Shirt Club

Steven is unable to admit to Connie that he has a different opinion than she does about their favorite book series. Instead of being confident Steven relies on the magic of Rose’s room to give Connie the ending she wants.

Roses Madness

Sometimes fear keeps up trapped keeps us unable to try new things it keeps us stuck in the past and unwilling to change. The Crystal Gem’s fear of Homeworld keeps them battling marbles on a consistent basis always on the defense.

Maximum Forecast

Why are they not setting their marshmallows on fire??? Steven gets gifted with future vision and sees several outcomes of procrastinating and hanging out with Connie. Steven learns that sometimes when he makes the right choice he will still get exactly…

Steven Universe: The Movie

This is a SPOLIERIFIC episode be prepared. We talk about some of our thoughts with Steven consistently having to clean up his mother’s messes. But there is no deep dive into psychology. Just us showing our love for Steven Universe, the music,

The Running Horror Boys

Pearl finally tells Amethyst she belongs, in a sort of backhanded way. Lars is jealous of Sadie having any friends other than him and when he hears that Sadie is going to a party with Steven and Reynoldo he has to go to,

Future Test

What happens when you have the ability to see into the future? Does it help or do all the infinite possibilities hinder you from living your life?Garnet learns that even though she wants Steven to learn all about her she still has to be careful on the …