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Hosted ByWoody Harris, Brian Peace, & Josué Cardona

Exploring the transformative power of games.

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Shrinks on Bikes- Cricket Falls 8

Due to the length of the sessions our band of merry pranksters used, most episodes will be quickly followed by the next one. At the end, you will also find a short debrief from episodes 7 and 8.

Shrinks on Bikes- Cricket Falls 7

When we started this Kids on Bikes campaign, all we knew is that we each wanted to game, and we wanted to do so with a consciousness towards how character development in RPGs, can play into a bigger picture.

Edrighor with Allen Turner

Last year, Brian, Josue, and Woody got to have a very enlightening discussion with Allen Turner; creator of the game Edrighor. The sound is a little off at times, but this one could not be left in the can as it is too important.

Cricket Falls 6

This is the 6th episode in our Cricket Falls story. Initially these were supposed to be a separate podcast, but as it felt that it fit in with the overall tenor of Rolling for Change, we figured we would shop it here first.

Cricket Falls 5

The backlog of episodes for Cricket Falls is pretty large, but I am working to crank out at least 1 a week. For those who missed the first episode, this was my first attempt at creating a narrative rpg. I used the Kids on Bikes system due to its rules …

Kris Johnson- Making Art with Games

This conversation between Kris and I happened back in June of 2020. We were in lockdown, wondering what would happen next. Well, what happened is Rolling for Change went silent for a while. However, now Rolling for Change is rising again.

Cricket Falls Episode 3

Rolling for Change returns with the next episode of our Cricket Falls play-through. This episode was originally close to 3 hours long with debriefing, so we broke it into 2 sessions. Thank you for listening.

Cricket Falls Episode 2

It has been some time since we have presented you guys with something new. We were on a brief hiatus so that yours truly (Woody) could start a new job and 2 more just to be safe. However, we will start getting those episodes out again as quickly as we …