The backlog of episodes for Cricket Falls is pretty large, but I am working to crank out at least 1 a week. For those who missed the first episode, this was my first attempt at creating a narrative rpg. I used the Kids on Bikes system due to its rules lite nature and the very useful structure for developing story and relationship. It is still one of my favorite systems, and it gives us all a chance to be kids, or at the very least contact some childhood trauma.

The production of the show is a little bit garage band. The players are happily clicking away, clocks are chiming, chairs are squeaking. Where possible this has been edited. Despite the bumps and issues, we are presenting these live plays because we had a great time with them. They got each of us through perhaps the most challenging part of the pandemic. We also each got a chance to explore and process our experiences as we went along. Where possible, we are providing those debriefs, but they won’t be in every episode. Many of our meetings were 3-4 hours long, and debriefs were at the end. So when there is a debrief it will be at the back end of the episode most likely.

We hope you are enjoying this crazy little adventure. Keep on role playing for change!

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