This was the episode that made it clear to me that Josue and I were going to generate some good discussions out of the Babylon 5 story. When you join us on these journeys, it’s really not meant to be about a cult of personality. Hopefully, you do enjoy the conversation that Josue and I have here. We are after all giddy geek kids at play in the fields of science fiction, but the purpose is to help others geek out and play with us. On the one hand, this journey is very personal. Babylon 5 is such an important part of my life, and I want to share it with my friends. I want other people to find the meaning that I found, and I want to laud this fantastic piece of storytelling so that others might engage with this story. I also hope to wrest new meaning from the clutches of the story. Given that the story has taken me where it has, I don’t mind retreading the path to see if I left anything behind. Josue has fresh eyes, viewing this as a first- time viewer, he offers new insight that I might have missed. But then there is you, dear listeners and fellow geeks; your perspective matters as well. I hope that you join us in the discussion and take this incredible ride with us.

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