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Hosted BySophia Ansari & Breck Warren

We are a podcast celebrating diversity in media!

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#12: Breck and Sophia review the first volume of Excellence, a comic book about magic, relationships, and what it takes to bring down a broken system. Questions? Comments? Discuss this episode on the GT Forum. — Check out the GT Network: network.

Bitter Root Vol. 2: Rage & Redemption & Naomi

#11: Breck and Sophia dive into Bitter Root Vol. 2 which introduces readers to a new monster and more adventures. They also geek out over one of DC’s newest superheroes, Naomi. Questions? Comments? Discuss this episode on the GT Forum.

Bitter Root, Vol. 1: Comic Book Review

#10: Breck and Sophia discuss Bitter Root, Vol. 1: Family Business, a comic book about a family of monster hunters who combat creatures infected by racism. Questions? Comments? Discuss this episode on the GT Forum. — Check out the GT Network: network.

Alone Together

#9: Breck and Sophia break down their favorite pandemic-themed comics and entertainment. Notes/Resources: Centers for Disease Control – Taking Care of Your Emotional Health – https://emergency.cdc.gov/coping/selfcare.

Supercouples in Comic Books

#8: Breck and Sophia list off some of their favorite interracial/interspecies couples in comic books, give some relationship advice and ultimately find that the best superpower anyone can possess is… Love. Links: Trevor Lifeline – https://www.

Using Music and Comic Books in the Classroom and in Therapy

#7: The Hero Nation team discusses the healing power of music and comic books in the classroom and in therapy and share a few of their favorite resources. Resources for Educators and Mental Health Professionals: https://www.musictherapy.

Racebending and Whitewashing: What’s the Difference?

#6: Breck and Sophia discuss the important differences between racebending and whitewashing in comics and the media.

Biracial and Multiracial Superheroes

#5: Breck and Sophia discuss superheroes of mixed racial and cultural heritage and the importance of celebrating all parts of ourselves and others!

Captain Marvel: Don’t Try to Fit In… Just Fly

#4: The Hero Nation team discusses Captain Marvel and unpacks some of the controversy surrounding the movie. One thing is for sure though, Breck and Sophia will be first in line to support Carol Danvers and all she stands for!