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The Cost of Making Graphic Video Games

#63: A recent Kotaku article about a game developer who was diagnosed with PTSD after working on Mortal Kombat 11 inspired this conversation about the potential secondary and vicarious trauma that can occur from prolonged exposure to graphic content.

Why is THAT your favorite game series?

#62: We have favorite games and series but what makes that your favorite game series? We are joined by special guest Marc Cuiriz, host of the new Assassin’s Creed podcast The Codex to talk about what makes our favorite game series our favorite.

Video Games Are Communication Technologies

#61: In a recent Kotaku article, Cecilia D’Anastasio wrote “…video games aren’t just entertainment—they’re communication technologies” and we completely agree. We discuss the article and some research around communication and gaming.

Pokémon Memories

#60: A study finds a specific region of the brain that stores pokémon information? 100,000 people played Pokémon simultaneously and beat the game? We’ll be able to play Pokémon in our sleep? We love pokémon so much! 😭 Follow us on Twitch at twitch.

Ping! Non-Verbal Communication

#59: Apex Legends introduced a ping system that has changed the way we think about non-verbal communication in games. It’s great. Every game should copy this feature immediately. We also discuss other examples of non-verbal communication we appreciate….

Bandersnatch and Choice-Supportive Bias

#58: The Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch is a game, right? We discuss Bandersnatch as a work of interactive fiction, compare it to other games in the genre, and what we think of Netflix’s interactive future. We also discuss choice-supportive bias,

Escape Rooms and Learning

#57: Lauren shares her recent escape room experiences, we discuss escape rooms for learning, and what we’d like to see in future escape rooms. Join the Geek Therapy Discord server. Get all the latest Geek Therapy Gaming updates. Questions? Comments?


#56: We discuss the wonderful and uplifting Wandersong, a game about saving the world despite everyone telling you it’s impossible. It’s a very colorful game in which you sing to solve problems. It’s amazing. Go play it right now.

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