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Disney+ at D23: Too much content!

#5: We learned a lot about Disney+ at this year’s D23 event and it was overwhelming! So many new shows and movies were announced for the service and we go through all of them. From more live-action Disney remakes to more Marvel and Star Wars series,

The Lion King Is Still the Best

#4: The Lion King live-action remake isn’t actually live-action but it’s here and we loved it. We compare the movies and the Broadway musical, look at what makes us love this story so much, and discuss some of its themes in depth.

Toy Story 4: A Woody Story

#3: Toy Story 4 feels smaller and more intimate to us than the other films, mostly because it feels like one toy’s story. This is Woody’s movie and it hit us like all the others, full of very relatable themes that made us reflect on some real-life mile…

Aladdin Left Us Speechless

#2: The Aladdin live-action remake is finally here! We react to the film and compare it to the original. We also cover representation, empowerment, and other important and relatable themes. Questions? Comments? Discuss this episode on the GT Forum.

Our Origin Stories

#1: Welcome to The Happiest Pod on Earth! We are a podcast about how Disney content, parks, and memories can bring people together. Your hosts Lara Taylor and Josué Cardona share their Disney origin stories and their plans for the show. Questions?

Preview: Disney Fever

Preview: Before launching our new show, here is a Disney episode of GT Radio titled Disney Fever. We’re feeling that Disney Fever with all the news and movies coming out this year. We share some of our favorite Disney memories and do a Disney-themed Me…