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Sing-Along With Disney

#19: After seeing a meme that questioned if Disney Karaoke existed, Stef and Ariel decided to set the record straight. In this episode, they highlight the cultural significance of participating in karaoke or noraebang experiences. Together,

Disney Soundtracks by Candlelight

#18: Listening to live music is always magical, but when the music is Disney music, it’s even more enchanting. On this episode, Stef and Ariel share their experience with Candlelight Concerts on the beach, featuring the Orchid Quartet.

Back to School? More Like Back To Recess!

#17: Recess is a show about six brave 4th graders who take on the social dynamics of the playground. Stef and Ariel discuss this beloved 90’s animated series, and how studies find that recess is an important part of a child’s social-emotional learning….

That Wandavision Style

#16: Stef and Ariel are avid retro and vintage fans, and in this episode, they share these passions through the medium of Wandavision, the first Disney+ Marvel show to kick off the second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Braving the Theater for Black Widow

#15: In this episode, Ariel and Stef go back to the movie theaters and watch the long-awaited Black Widow film, starring Scarlett Johansson. They dive into their very different theater experiences, analyze how feminism is explored in the newest Marvel …

Leaning Into Loki’s Journey

#14: With Special Guest Rachel Wethers, MSW, Happiest Pod dives into both the character and show Loki on Disney+. Stef, Ariel, and Rachel talk about themes of trauma, adoption, lying, acceptance, and belonging.

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, Back To The Parks I Go

#12: Ariel shares with Stef what it was like to go back to Disneyland after a pandemic kept her away for 532 days. From experiencing nostalgia, awe at the Avengers Campus, and learning the tips of her new “legendary” pass. Questions? Comments?

Career Buffet

#13: One Day At Disney is a Disney Shorts series that features individuals and the various jobs and careers they have with Disney Corporation. Stef and Ariel highlight these stories, and their own, with the belief that diversity in skills and networkin…

Disney-Fying Self-Care

#11: Happiest Pod dives in on self-care and the different ways we use Disney mediums to incorporate it into our everyday lives. We define self-care and give examples for children, adults, and families. Media / Characters Mentioned Zenimation 101 Dalmat…